To announce the opening of the 2023 rallye season,
Maison CHAPAL was once again present at the mythical Techno Classica car show in Essen.


This was the occasion for the annual reunion of car enthusiasts, but above all to showcase the emblematic Driving & Racing collection.

The automobile world has always been reflected in the creations in reference to a strong family car passion. 

Collections evolved over the years, while preserving the authenticity of the original outfits:
Chiron Overall, 1950 Helmet, Pilot 60’s Shoes, Driver Gloves…

Casque 1950 - Gainé cuir
Gants Driver - Cuir d'agneau - Couleurs brun et blanc

Various pieces that can be personalised down to the smallest detail for a perfect gentleman driver style you need for your next rallyes.

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