The French series Virago, directed by Aude Gogny-Goubert, called on Maison CHAPAL for the release of new episodes
highlighting important women in history, that we don’t talk about enough.

Virago Series x CHAPAL

Actress Constance Gay, dressed in total CHAPAL look, plays the illustrious aviator Marie Marvingt,
renowned for her many sporting exploits.

Virago series x CHAPAL
Virago series X CHAPAL

Maison CHAPAL became legitimate in the world of aviation thanks to its history:
first in France in 1914 with the manufacture of jackets and overalls for the French Air Force, at le Point du Jour;

… then in 1940, with the making of the mythical US Air Force jackets, manufactured in its New York factories. 

It perpetuates today this heritage through authentic pieces, faithful to the historical outfits of the time. 


During the episode, you’ll be able to see the 1914 Jacket, the Full Face Glasses, the Bonnet and the RAF Gloves,
all hand-made by the House’s craftsmen. 

1914 Vest - Glossy leather - Brown color
Full Face Goggles - Glossy leather - Black color
Bonnet - Glossy leather - Blue color
RAF Gloves - Glossy leather - Brown color
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