3,2,1… the start is set for a new 2024 edition of the Techno Classica show in Essen, one of the most emblematic classic car show.

From 3 to 7 April, CHAPAL presented its legendary Driving & Racing collection,
offering a selection of automotive pieces with a resolutely retro style.

These unique creations, combining tradition and innovation, creativity and elegance,
ideal for any driver looking for the perfect outfit and accessories to cross the roads.


The 1950 Helmet, the 60’s Pilot Shoes, the Chiron or 1950 Overall , the 1950 Knitted Gloves or the 1960 Gloves:
these pieces are inspired by the emblematic years of motoring,
where famous pilots wore them with presence and passion.

1950 Overall - Cotton gabardine and suede leather - Ecru white and suzy colors
Chiron Overall - Cotton poplin - Blue color
1950 Helmet - Red Strip - Painted - Blue and red colors
Pilot 60's Shoes - Glossy leather - Green color
1950 Knitted Gloves - Mesh and glossy leather - Tan color
1960 Gloves - Glossy leather and suede leather - Black and red colors

Today the House offers them in their most authentic form, or with the possibility of personalizing them.

This bespoke CHAPAL signature carefully accompanies each request from customers and collaborators,
among a selection of colors, leather, finishes, stitching and customization options. 

CHAPAL - Bespoke
CHAPAL - Bespoke

CHAPAL is committed to perfect the appearance of the drivers and their car,
give a unique and singular result in the representation of the crews on the circuits.

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