New Italian escapade for the House at the beginning of the year,
on the occasion of the
January 2024 edition of the men’s fashion show Pitti Uomo.

As every year, were presented the new creations, imagined and created by CHAPAL.

CHAPAL at Pitti Uomo - January 2024

The House attaches paramount importance to the quality and authenticity of its creations
and refuses to
submit to the trends of overproduction and overconsumption, present even in luxury goods.

With this in mind, the workshop manufactures only in limited quantities,
thus preserving its craftsmanship of almost 200 years and conferring an incomparable touch of uniqueness to its timeless pieces

Craftmanship - Varnished shearling

For this edition, B3 and RAF Bomber, USAAF Flight Jacket and Blouson Anglais,
have been
reinterpreted with new colors, new materials, offering a modern and daring approach.


  • The USAAF gets rid of its ribs, providing a new shorter and stylized cut. 
USAAF - Without Rib - Glossy leather - Toasted bread color
USAAF without Rib - Glossy leather - Toasted bread irregular shade color
  • The RAF’s sheep fur, originally in champagne color, has been given a petrol blue and a hood, for guaranteed winter style. 
RAF Jacket with hood- Brown vanished shearling - Petrol blue fur color
RAF Jacket with hood- Brown vanished shearling - Petrol blue fur color
  • The brown color of the USAAF is replaced by a deep black with a blue fur collar, perfect for everyday wear
    or festive occasions over a suit; or by a
    toasted bread color, revealing the patina of CHAPAL leather
    for an
    authentic look.
USAAF - Black glossy leather - Petrol blue fur color
USAAF Jacket - Glossy leather - Black color
USAAF jacket - Glossy leather - Toasted bread irregular shade color

Emblematic, by their history and their manufacture, these creations signed CHAPAL offer an ambivalence of styles and uses.  

The House perpetuates its heritage, while innovating and pushing back the boundaries of men’s style. 



Credit: Peter Lyng Knudsen

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