The House was delighted to develop a new project around art and fashion, in collaboration with the online platform FIDA,
dedicated to the promotion of illustrations and fashion drawings.


A partnership taking the form of a competition between artists from around the world,
with the brief of producing creations around the CHAPAL universe.

Among the 15 participating artists, 3 of them were selected and were awarded the CHAPAL X FIDA prize.  

Congratulations to the three winners:   

Miki Takekawa  

Bonnie Chiang 

Stéphanie Ripp  

FIDA X CHAPAL - Miki Takekawa
FIDA X CHAPAL - Bonnie Chiang
FIDA X CHAPAL - Stéphanie Ripp

The House has forged a strong link with the art world, both a source of inspiration and openness, undeniably linked to craftsmanship.

Under the leadership of Jean-François Bardinon, in the 1990s, the CHAPAL factories in Lagny-sur-Marne were transformed into
artistic center where about sixty promising talents work every day: musicians, painters, sculptors

CHAPAL reinforces its artistic sensitivity by collaborating with artists from various universes, such as dance, music, painting.   

This time it was through illustration and drawing that the atmosphere of the House was captured. 


FIDA X CHAPAL - Clemens Maurer
FIDA X CHAPAL - Kelly Bailey

Credits: Fredha, Clemens Maurer, Kelly Bailey

Many thanks to all these talented artists for their inspiration. 

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