1832-2022 – 190 years of existence

The House is happy to celebrate this year its 190th anniversary.

190 years - Maison CHAPAL

The adventure began in 1832 with the opening of the first manufacture in Creuse, France.
Thanks to its precursor techniques, CHAPAL became rapidly a reference in the manufacture of skins and the quality of dyes.

The conquest of America seemed evident to the first generations : tannery, factory for hat and rabbit skin coat drove the company to an international success.

In France, CHAPAL established its expertise firstly in leather through manufacture of jackets and aviator outfits – a reputation growing over the centuries in automobile world but also in fashion and luxury.
In the 1970’s, the company became the official supplier and manufacturer of ready-to-wear furs for Christian Dior.

These developments upgraded CHAPAL to the rank of the greatest French luxury houses with a unique artisanal know-how and 100% Creusoise production, in its own workshops.

Attached to its heritage, the House offers nowadays collections highlighting its audacious past, reserved for aesthetes from all over the world, reflecting its origins.

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